In school and extracurricular projects ranging from 3D designs to machining, to tinkering and inventing

A more complete list of projects completed or nearing completion


3D Printing A New Passion

I became fascinated with 3D printing while I was still at school, and that passion manifested into a personal 3D printer sitting in my office at my house cranking out prints nearly 24/7. Click to see some of my favorite designs and prints.

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Engine Hoist

Engine Hoist Simulation Based Design

Given a SolidWorks assembly of an engine hoist, the class was tasked with simulating three configurations with different loads and finding structural deficiencies to be repaired. After both hand and FEA analysis, the design was changed to meet factor of safety, and design specification requirements before being re-tested. A thought provoking and incredibly educational project. Head over to the projects page for more.

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ReelEasy Senior Design Capstone

The capstone project spans both semesters of Senior year. The project requires a design with feasibility and functionality studies, as well as a completed 3D model with appropriate FEA analysis during the first semester. The second semester requires the team to build the product. This design is unique, and innovative. Click to learn more.

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TorSen Differential

TorSen LSD 3D Printing

The semester long project for 3D printing requires a design that, A) transmits some type of force, B) must be an assembly, C) must be printed fully assembled and working. No assembly allowed (save for bearings etc. if needed). The differential project covers all the bases then some. Read on.

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Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX Automotive

An ongoing project, working on my car is one of my favorite hobbies. The only thing that I haven't ventured to take apart yet is the block itself.

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Gearbox Project Design of Machine Elements

Given a set of specifications for input speed, gear reduction, safety limits, and power, our team was tasked with designing and analyzing a single stage gearbox using knowledge of machine elements and finite element analysis.

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Battle Robotics

Battle Robotics NRL Competitive Battle Robotics

Completely self funded and self driven, students designed, machined, manufactured, and competed with 15lb combat robots. Powerful enough to send a 2lb steel bar through 3/4in of lexan (unintentional, fixed now).

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My Commitment

I have been told that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Whether it be making sure zipties all face the same way on a high-end electronics installation on a yacht, or adding in a new go-fast button in my car on the weekend, it will get done, and get done correctly.

Attention to detail, organization, time management, and planning are key to succesfully completing a project, and completing it precisely. I follow these rules for everything in life, not just my projects.

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