3D Modeling and Analysis

SolidWorks CSWA Certified, Proficient in SW Simulation, PTC Creo, AutoCAD, and more

Drafting and Design

Experience with ASME and ISO drafting standards, as well as GD&T

Electronics Systems

Design and implementation of complex high-end marine electronics systems


Proficient in G-Code, CNC and manual milling, lathing, and metal work


Subaru repair, maintenance, modification, ECU tuning


Design and manufacturing of 15lbs combat robots

Featured Projects

Exciting projects completed recently, or in the works

Engine Hoist

Engine Hoist Simulation Based Design

Given a SolidWorks assembly of an engine hoist, the class was tasked with simulating three configurations with different loads and finding structural deficiencies to be repaired. After both hand and FEA analysis, the design was changed to meet factor of safety, and design specification requirements before being re-tested. A thought provoking and incredibly educational project. Head over to the projects page for more.

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ReelEasy Senior Design Capstone

The capstone project spans both semesters of Senior year. The project requires a design with feasibility and functionality studies, as well as a completed 3D model with appropriate DEA analysis during the first semester. The second semester requires the team to build the product. This design is unique, and innovative. Click to learn more.

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TorSen LSD 3D Printing

The semester long project for 3D printing requires a design that, A) transmits some type of force, B) must be an assembly, C) must be printed fully assembled and working. No assembly allowed (save for bearings etc. if needed). The differential project covers all the bases then some. Read on.

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